dsc_01021The UN Secretary General has launched a cyber campaign to promote nuclear disarmament. Through Twitter and Facebook the 100-day “We Must Disarm” campaign features some lame celebrities (anyone under 50 years???) and a MySpace by a 27-year-old male and single, Virgo UN employee [not this guy!]. The campaign sounds out three reasons to promote nuclear disarmament, because:

  1. nuclear weapons threaten all our lives;
  2. we now have an opportunity ty to make real progress towards a world free of nuclear weapons;
  3. it will free up resources for other global challenges such as climate change, the financial crisis, poverty and hunger.

I like the call to Disarm, but the emphasis on nuclear disarmament message is narrow, reflecting the interests of the Sec Gen who needs to pay attention towards the treaties banning cluster bombs and treaties as well as other weapons. Here’s a photo of the guy who should be the next UN Secretary General…